Take a moment to think of your favorite public outdoor area, like a park or a college campus; chances are these were thought up by a Landscape Architect. Landscape Architects, LA for short, meet with a client and determine their needs and restrictions. The LA creates a blueprint of the area that is being redesigned; this will include where trees and shrubs will be placed, the location of gates and buildings, and any other specific amenity. LAs create the idea, they do not do the physical work themselves.

Landscape Architects often work with and supervise the physical manifestation performed by the construction company. Certain projects may require LAs to work with architects, engineers, contractors, soil scientist, medical professionals, or a variety of other specialized individuals. LAs are the inspiration behind outdoor paradises.

Landscape Architects have the ability to create wonderful and healing places with their designs. Many times hospitals and other similar facilities will hire an LA to create a Healing Garden, this is an area that patients can reduce stress, boost their immune systems, and have a clean breath of fresh air. LAs have the ability to help clients lower their energy coast by reducing heating and cooling cost, bioremediation can help purify  and make safe a once polluted area, and they can make a gray cityscape refreshing and green.

Landscape Architects’ job is to think of what will truely make an area unique. They brainstorm, sketch, and make visuals for clients. A LA can change what WAS into what could be.