Mississippi’s Toughest Kids Camp

Crystal Springs, MS


WAS Design teamed with WGK Engineers to provide Master Planning services for this multi-million dollar camp facility planned for disabled children and adults.
Per the foundation’s web page, “Mississippi’s Toughest Kids Foundation was established for the single purpose of building the only fully-accessible camp for children (and adults) with serious illnesses and physical, mental, and emotional challenges in Mississippi. This state-of-the-art, year-round facility will work in partnership with special needs groups to provide great camping experiences for the toughest kids in our state”
The core of the campus features two central greens or pedestrian plazas/parks. All of the main facilities and cabins will front the greens and be connected by a series of covered walkways to provide shelter from the elements and connectivity through out the campus core. Other amenities provided include: Pool and lazy river, ball fields, Christmas tree farm, equestrian center, ropes course, natural creek, a 15 acre lake, archery, wildlife observation, star gazing, a garden, and a series of multi-purpose trails.