WAS is happy to announce we will be participating in the 2016 Festival of Flowers, which is happening from March 10-13. Providence Hospital founder of the Festival of Flowers, is celebrating it 23rd year of bringing magnificent blooms and showcasing the skills of local green industry professionals to Mobile, Alabama.  As the largest outdoor flower show in the Southeast, the festival is reaching new heights this year with the theme, “Taking Flight to a World of Gardens.” You will need a ticket but can leave your passport at home while you see gardens from across the globe. Visitors to the festival will see landscapes designed to mimic the beauty of gardens from England, Spain, America, Japan, Italy, and France. Each garden has been designed by a local landscape architect or designer who has paired with a landscape company to create these living works of art. Aside from the world of gardens, patrons will also be able to learn tips and tricks for their own yards, meet local artists, and enjoy a variety of other activities designed to entertain the entire family.  The proceeds from this year’s ticket sales will go to improve health care in the local community, Providence Hospital will be purchasing a state-of-the-art, high resolution x-ray imaging system.  This medical instrument is smaller than what is currently utilized and will allow for more accurate scans.

WAS invites you on an adventure “across the pond” to our mother land. As lead designer for the English garden, Blake Smisson will be combining formal English cottage garden styles with a modern twist. The design layout will consist of large, parterre gardens, which consists of naturally ­­– arranged flowers placed inside structured hedges, running the length of the garden on the left and right. Separating the small center parterre garden from the larger outer parterre gardens will be a gravel path that leads the viewer to the seating terrace. The modern aspect of the design comes into play with the grid – patterned, oyster-colored pavers found at the far end of the garden. The furniture that is used in the design will continue the modern nature of the design while also having a natural feel that connects you back to the garden.  The design ends with a simple, babbling pool feature that will be the focal point of the design. Overhead will hang a strand of lights to add an ambient and tranquil feel. The garden is designed so that once the viewer enters they are immediately swept into a calm, serene environment that is cut off from the rest of the world by the rows of cypress and magnolia trees along the outer edges.  The physical layout of the garden is English – inspired while the plants used throughout the garden are a little closer to home. WAS is partnering with Turfmaster Landscape & Lawncare for the garden installation, and Firerock has graciously donated the paving materials.


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